A breakthrough in Molecular Recycling Technologies

Our innovative process initiates a major breakthrough for securing a sustainable circular economy for plastics globally, enabling any pyrolysis process to upcycle large volumes of mixed plastics into high-quality chemical feedstock, with significant energy savings, while capturing contaminants in the mix.


GSF Upcycling is a Cleantech company that pioneers the development, scale manufacturing and use of nanomaterials to upcycle mixed plastics.

GSF Upcycling leverages on proprietary in-house production of graphene-based nanomaterials to enhance any pyrolysis process.

Our technology
technology technology

Chemical Feedstock:
From mixed plastic waste into virgin-quality plastics.

Our proprietary process and resulting products are focused on enhancing any pyrolysis process and aimed at feedstock needs for Brands, Pharma, Chemical and Petrochemical industries.

Our products