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Our nanomaterials are the result of a pioneering development and manufacturing process that enables production of ultra-low-contaminant-level py-oils, directly from unsorted plastics, at any scale.

Oil comparison

Baseline Pyrolysis Oils

Existing pyrolysis technologies have a limiting factor to fully make use of all carbon availability, therefore producing lower quality py-oils.

GSF proprietary technology

Our nano-architecture guides otherwise random carbon-carbon link dynamics producing high-quality compounds as it fully optimizes the reaction without any limiting factors, almost regardless of the plastic feedstock.



We reduce halogen content in resulting py-oils.


We shift the carbon number distribution towards lighter compounds.

“Traditional” pyrolysis process.

Shift of carbon number distribution towards lighter compounds. GSF’s proprietary technology.


Streamline the waste lifecycle with an efficient Molecular Recycling solution.


Our products target feedstock needs for Brands, Pharma, Chemical and Petrochemical industries.