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Headquartered and industrial prototype in the Basque Country, Spain, GSF continues to prove its proprietary technology at industrial scale globally.

Partnered with multinational INZU Group, GSF leverages leading industry-based engineering and automation with nano-element based industry solutions.


The nano-architecture generated in GSF ́s proprietary graphene-based nanoparticles fundamentally sets it apart from other technologies because of higher plastic-to-liquid yields, efficiency, environmental friendliness translating into a cost-effective core competence.

The team at GSF combines research, engineering and in-depth industry knowledge. We have a proven track record of management and logistical skills, as well as hands-on plastic recycling experience.

GSF advisors have demonstrated expertise in strategic planning throughout various regions across the world, including senior experience in the Oil & Gas industry.

INZU Group

GSF has partnered with internationally renowned INZU Group, a pioneering industrial group with interests, expertise and, highly specialized companies in diverse industrial sectors.

Inzu group

Solutions for Key Stakeholders


Team & innovation

  • With a highly motivated and resilient team, Innovation is at the core of what we do.

Chemical and petrochemical industry

  • Allow customers to become 100% circular.
  • Provide competitive chemical feedstock for plastic resins.
  • Address post-industrial plastic waste sustainability and traceability.

Governmment entities

  • Create thousands of qualified jobs.
  • Lower CO2 emissions and reach recycling targets.
  • Simplify waste collection and sorting.


  • Reduce or fully offset landfilling costs.
  • Streamline the waste lifecycle with an efficient advanced recycling solution.
  • Improve overall conditions of plastic waste management.
  • Improvement of industry workplace, public livelihood and health.

General industry

  • Increasingly more demanding regulations will require obligatory actions for compliance.
  • Provide innovative solutions for currently non-recyclable plastics.
  • Profitability while being eco-friendly.